Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chronicle 28: Part 2 "Blurred Lines"

Burns and Burton Kitchen Renovations Completion

Design + Build

Designed by Centric Design Studio

By Wiley Roberts, Associate AIA  
Architectural Intern 


Ending 2013, Centric Design Studio completed several institutional kitchen renovations, including Burton International Academy located on Detroit's east side and Burns Elementary School located on the west side of the city.

Burns International School

Prior to construction, Burns' cafeteria was split into two separate rooms, divided by a performance stage and storage rooms. The existing kitchen was small, so we demolished an adjacent classroom, combining it with the kitchen to create much more space.  The design approach we took was to unite the two cafeterias, combining them into one.

Other construction phases involved removing the stage and removing all existing lunch tables installed within the wall. This process involved using a blow torch to detach all lunch tables.  We repainted all cafeteria and kitchen walls, changing the color scheme to match the existing glazed brick walls located in the cafeteria.  All new flooring tiles were added using Luxury VCT and quarry tile. We redesigned the cafeteria ceiling, adding in a new drop ceilings, inserting a cloud in the center of the cafeteria where the stage was once located, and adding new ceiling lights.

Two serving rooms were added - one at each end of the cafeteria - each receiving new kitchen equipment, including: a stainless steel hand sink, sales register, four-well hot steam table, cold-well equipment, milk cooler, and an overhead rolling door. The kitchen was outfitted with all new equipment: Boilerless steamer, double stack convection ovens, hot holding cabinets, prep tables, walk-in self-contained freezer, and two new compartment sinks.

Burton Elementary

Prior to construction, Burton needed a lot of improvements. There was chipped paint and stained ceiling tile throughout the school and the existing color scheme of the cafeteria did not contain the school colors. The entire area needed to be upgraded and refurbished, so existing ceiling and flooring tile was removed from the cafeteria and kitchen area and existing equipment and the ceiling were removed from the serving room.

Burton received new kitchen equipment such as stainless steel hand sinks, multiple compartment sinks, stainless steel prep tables, double stack convention ovens, boilerless steamer, walk-in freezer, and an exhaust hood. As for the serving room, it was equipped with a sales register, hot steam table, cold well equipment, tray station, milk cooler and hot holding cabinets. In the cafeteria, a new ceiling and all new fluorescent ceiling lights were put in . All walls in area of work received new paint with a color scheme derived from the school colors blue, grey and white. New floor tile was added in the cafeteria, serving room, bathroom, locker room, kitchen, office and storage room. Bathroom lockers were added for kitchen workers to store personal belongings. Handrails were added to the stage area to comply with the building code.

The lesson learned from our second year of design-build projects experience is that communication is the key to a successful outcome of a project.

     • Our team meets twice weekly to eliminate the need for RFI and submittals lag time.

     • Architect, General Contractor and all subcontractors work together for best value material and equipment selections.

     • Integrated Project Delivery: schedule, budget and ideas are shared among the entire project team.

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