Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chronicle 35:Making Big Changes One Global Footprint at a Time

Why is SUSTAINABLE DESIGN important to 
property owners and managers, developers, and building professionals?

It is because the buildings we occupy daily make up over 40% of the global demand for energy and materials that produce carbon emissions.
Due to the continuous high demand for material and energy consumption, as building professionals, our decisions have a big impact on our environment. Making our impact a positive one will require a conscious effort.


Thinking sustainable design, doesn't mean knowing everything about sustainability. It does mean that we make a conscious decision to try.

Commitment to Reduce Carbon Emission

Centric Design Studio - along with our partners, employees, and vendors - have made a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emitting energy, as part of our design process. We encourage other building professionals to join with us, in making the decision and commitment to replace fossil fuel energy consumption with carbon neutral energy consumption. There are numerous rewards to implementing sustainable design and processes. Mainly, by reducing fossil fuel emission, we will reduce - and may even reverse - climate change. Building professionals have the greatest potential to make a big impact.

The 2030 District is committed to reducing carbon emission to zero fossil fuel energy consumption by the year 2030. This sounds like a lofty goal but it is possible, one global footprint at a time.

As a Founding Partner in the 2030 District, along with the 2030 District Network, Centric Design Studio will continue to be a valuable resource for businesses in the city of Detroit. We help organizations and businesses by providing them with the information and tools they need to visualize and implement their plans and become more sustainable by design.

Centric Design Studio Commits as a Founding Partner
Centric Design Studio Commits as a Founding Partner

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