Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chronicle 7: Stephen Lentini, Summer Intern – Part 1, Beginning of Internship

Stephen at CDS
My Name is Stephen Lentini, and I'm an architecture student at the University of Detroit Mercy, entering the Master’s year beginning this fall. Since beginning my college career, I have come to admire urban design and sustainable construction methodology. It is my dream that these two practices will come closer together in the future, and it's a concept that I intend to explore in my graduate thesis, and after in my professional career.

I've been an intern at Centric Design Studio since late May, and I've enjoyed my time here immensely. The studio has energy and an attitude of cooperation that makes for an exciting, efficient, and friendly work environment. During my time with the studio, I have been able to put my graphic, 3D modeling, and surveying skills to use. This has allowed me to improve upon my existing skill sets and challenged me to learn new ones at the same time. My work has also taken me into the field to visit construction sites and participate in project bids, each of which offers new insight into the professional design process and construction methodologies.

3D model by Stephen

Continuing on with my work at Centric Design Studio, I hope to keep marching into new territory, doing new things, and exploring new ideas. I am very eager to be involved in more site visits, seeing how designs translate into physical objects and how those objects are put together. I expect that my time with CDS will continue to improve my skills, broaden my design ideologies, and boost my competence by introducing me to new ideas and challenging me every step of the way!

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  1. Stephen has been a great addition to our studio. From day one he rolled up his sleeves and went to work. He is eager to learn and gets along with all of our team members.