Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chronicle 8: Shanita Rutland

Charles Kendall Adams, an American educator and historian who served as the second president of Cornell University, said, "No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction." 

Six years ago I met Saundra Little, and right away, I developed a professional and personal respect for her. I am grateful that my experiences with my mentor have blossomed into a fruitful apprenticeship. Over the years, our work lives have often intertwined at just the right moment, allowing us to stay in touch. In 2010, when presented the opportunity to work again with Saundra on a project, I didn't hesitate to do whatever I could to help. She later invited me to work with her on a regular basis.  After meeting with her Centric Design Studio (CDS) partners, Damon and Chris, I knew I had to come aboard. I not only joined a design firm, but also a design family. I appreciate the company's culture, which celebrates each individual's varying experiences and humble personalities.  

New Birth Baptist Church Atrium
by Centric Design Studio.
3D Modeling by Shanita Rutland.
Saundra, Damon and Chris have a drive and energy that is infectious.  One cannot help but to be inspired by their positive energy and good company. The firm's drive is unparalleled to anything I've seen. It's encouraging seeing CDS' ideas and philosophies in my reflection, knowing that if you really want something, the only thing stopping you is yourself. Working at CDS rekindles a personal desire and passion to see beautiful work created in the City of Detroit. Each member at CDS brings something different to the table, whether it be an architecture proposal, graphics project, or simply debating about fantasy football. They create a warm, friendly, welcoming environment where they seek creativity, and each person has a voice and enjoys their work. I enjoy working for Centric Design Studio and with my colleagues.  Most importantly, I enjoy going to work and contributing to the company's success.  

Inside the Studio - Inside Jokes
What makes a good studio environment? Goldfish crackers named LeBron, everyday day it's someone's fault, and when the chips are down the motivational words of Monica Conyers, "Do it, baby, do it!" are echoed.  

New Birth Baptist Church Master Plan by Centric Design Studio.
3D Modeling by Shanita Rutland.

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