Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chronicle 20 - A + G

By Saundra Little, AIA, LEED AP, NOMA, Principal

In connection with our Chronicle 17 + 18 blog posting on design of annual reports and “big” data graphics on architecture and urban communities (Infographics)  –  We go inside our studio to discuss our use of Architecture + Graphics.
How + Why does CDS merge Architecture + Graphic Design?

Few architects set out to be graphic designers. But the organization of visual and textual content comprises a large percentage of an architect’s daily responsibilities in a small firm: architects must produce proposals, presentations, and other printed and digital materials to communicate with clients and collaborators.

We believe creative problem-solving with 3 Dimensional Brand-Driven solutions will change the world around us.

“Art and Architecture are practices, not sciences.”
-Dave Hickey

This concept of [practice] is our approach here at Centric Design Studio (CDS), and we invite our readers” Inside the studio” as we develop our practice and design thinking.

Centric Design Studio’s Mission Statement:

Centric Design Studio is a merger of architecture and graphic design practices.  The architecture (space) and the brand experience (business identity) relates to one another.  Our method of practice gives structure to and communicates the relationships between an organization a whole, its divisions, its individuals, as well as its products and services, all with the objective of design value.  “Good sustainable design is good business”.  
We strive to solve the client’s problem and exceed their expectations. Each of our studio members are actively researching and implementing new concepts daily in our work transforming “knowledge into design”. 

How does CDS designers want to communicate A + G in their work?

Research- Centric Practice

CDS Studio A+ G Book/ Research List:

1. “Graphic Design in Architecture” 
      by Liying Zhou

2. “Graphic Design + Architecture: A 20th-Century History” 
      by Richard Poulin

Centric Design Studio's take-away from the “Graphic Design + Architecture: A 20th-Century History” is a refreshing first historical overview which examines this unique merger of graphic design and architecture in the context of artistic, social and cultural movements and influences of the twentieth century. This book is now a comprehensive reference for our studio of visual and narrative material that illustrates and evaluates this unique history which author Richard Poulin hopes that by reflecting on it,  all can derive inspiration and insight for the future.

As architect James Stewart Polshek says in his introduction, “Buildings can tell stories.” They do this not only through their own form but also through a “synthesis of graphic design and architecture.”

Case Study: Hair Essentials Salon Studios - Ann Michigan

CDS Computer Rendering "A"
Color applied based on a individual Salon Studio Theme

CDS Computer Rendering "B"
Wall Graphics applied based on a individual Salon Studio Theme

In our latest project Hair Essentials Salon Studios we are incorporating a graphic element into the architecture of a project providing a big message with minimal construction and cost. We see graphics as a tool for bringing a different scale and sometimes a new texture into a project that does not otherwise have the budget or program for a refined materiality.
Salon - Centric Design Studio 3D Floor Plan
13 Individual Studios - requiring 13 individual  design themes

HESS Spa Room 1-  Theme room "A"
Calm colors and rich textures used for making a relaxing setting.

HESS Black + White Suite - Theme room "B"
 Bold wall Graphic used as a focal point

Whenever possible, we try to take the opportunity to collaborate architecture and graphic design, as partners, expanding the conversation about spatial intentions.
Stay Tuned…..

Private, relaxing, upscale, spa setting....
 All created with color, texture and graphics - Stay tuned!

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