Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chronicle 21: First 30 days - Summer Internship 2013 Part 1

Beginning of My Internship

By Wiley Roberts, NOMA

I'm Wiley Roberts a student studying architecture and environmental design at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. During my college years at Bowling Green I was intrigued by the design process of architecture and the importance of sustainable design. Architecture is a craft that enables you to express methodology through sketches and drawings. A complex process that manipulates innovation and creativity to its fullest potential. How doctors have the ability to save lives, architects have the ability to enhance living conditions and protect lives. With that theory in mind from then on I knew that architecture was the path for me. One day I hope to run my own firm that will turn clients visions into a reality and better everyday life for the public.

 I started my Internship with Centric Design Studio in April and I have been enjoying the experience ever since. Every day you feel welcomed right away entering the office. An environment that's full of fun and excitement something others would love to experience in a work environment. A friendly and efficient atmosphere willing to put in the extra hours to complete a project if need be. Within the first thirty days I was a witness of it all the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to run a architectural firm.

We kicked the summer off with the Hudsons Site Design Competition. Never have I been involved in a worldwide architectural design competition. Not knowing how this experience would turn out I took on the challenge. The objective of the competition was to create a vision for a new urban development on the old Detroit Hudson site. Squeezing in multiple projects while working on the design competition was tough, but we accomplished it. 

City of Detroit -  Sketchup Base Model
Used for final rendering + board  layout by Wiley Roberts
CDS Studio Pin-up board - Competition Development
Wiley supplied  the 3D Model to CoG Studio for Rendering

My learning experience has been superb; almost every task has been hands on inside the studio and out in the field of work. Within the first few weeks I was able to put my 3d modeling and schematic design skills to use. My experience has allowed me to overcome many obstacles allowing me to improve on each project during my time in the studio. 

The month of May involved jam packed days full of site visits for future projects and existing projects. Hours spent analyzing research for current projects and obtaining code requirements. I've been on sites where I had to take field measurements and photos of the site. I have attended project meetings with the design team keeping track of progress and discussing the next steps for the project. I also contributed to fixing construction documents based on decisions made in the prior meetings with clients and owners. I was able to experience all of these tasks while in the midst of creating a new vision for an iconic site. 

Submitted board for Hudson Site Competition
Our team had several other images we wish we had time to add to the layout.....
more competitions work to come in the future

While continuing to work with Centric Design Studio I hope to continue exploring new challenges and broaden my horizon in the field of architecture. I am very excited to be continuing my intern and I look forward to what may come next. 

Wiley Roberts
2013 Architectural Summer Intern at Centric Design Studio

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